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Do you want unlimited traffic?

For business, telecom operators and private persons. Invest in highest speed internet from Europe to China across Russia.

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Crowdsale bonuses

Invest first and get additional bonus tokens for free!


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Week 1

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How it works?

We build high-speed optic channel 12700 km through Russia which will connect Europe and China. It will create extraordinary cheap and unlimited Internet speed for Europe, Russia and China.

Choose profit

Exchange token on on money profit, access to high-speed channel or prepaid SIM card with unlimited internet.

For internet providers

Telecom providers can exchange TELE token on access to cheap high speed channel.

For people

Private persons can exchange TELE token on prepaid SIM-card with high-speed unlimited Internet traffic.

For retailers

Telecom retailers can exchange plenty tokens on plenty SIM cards for further resale.

For business

Enterprises can exchange TELE tokens on access to cheap high-speed unlimited Internet channel.

For investors

Investors who need just money profit can resell token to us with 250% profit.


First income planned in 3 months after start of developing!

  • 27 August 2017
  • 27 September 2017
  • 27 Ocotber 2017
  • 7 November 2017
  • February 2018
  • March 2018
  • August 2018
  • September 2018
  • October 2018
  • December 2018

Presale of tokens to first investors with special conditions.


Start of crowdsale for everyone.

End of crowdsale

Tokens can be bought on specialized exchanges.

Start developing

Start of building first thread of optic channel.

Moscow-Krasnodar thread

1700 km 1000 Gbit/s, Annual revenue of thread 3 mln USD.

Stockholm-Moscow thread

1800 km 1000 Gbit/s, Annual revenue of thread 3 mln USD, Annual revenue of all system 8 mln USD.

Stockholm-Novosibirsk thread

6500 km 3000 Gbit/s, Annual revenue of thread 9 mln USD, Annual revenue of all system 19 mln USD.

Novosibirsk-Heihe (China) thread

4500 km 4000 Gbit/s, Annual revenue of thread 36 mln USD, Annual revenue of all system 98 mln USD.

Connecting mobile operators

1000Gbit/s 1 mln SIM-cards, Annual revenue from SIM-cards 30 mln USD.

Start of investment return

Investors who choose return of profit in SIM-cards or access to internet channel can exchane tokens on it.

Tokens distribution

Choose the way of taking profit




Sergey Sorogin

Founder, Project manager. 25 years in telecom, 10 years in magistral internet, built WiFi in Tyumen city, 9000 km optic channel to North of Russia. 200 Gbit Moscoe-Urals-Siberia.

Valentin Stepanenko

Commercial director, built optic channel in Khanty-Mansiysk region.

Ruslan Arzanov

Head engineer.

Dmitry Plotnikov

RTCom supply and launch equipment of DWDM systems.

Yochai Sheetrit

Main developer of equipment.

Slava Bergstein

DWDM engineer. Built over 30 systems in the world. Israel.

Vitaliy Ilyinykh

Senior engineer of MTS mobile operator in Tyumen region.

Sergey Sushko

Lead specialist of telecom control governmental department of Tyumen region Roscomnadzor.

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